Looking to stop paying with cash or checks? Use a credit card for your everyday purchases but want the convenience of getting cash on the go? Our Visa® Debit Card or Shazam ATM Card may be perfect for you! Details, ATM locations and information on our Brella™ App can be found below.

•  Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or writing checks.
•  Make purchases everywhere Visa® Debit Cards are accepted.
•  Set daily limits to limit your risk for lost or stolen cards.
•  Easily track your debit card transactions in real time with mobile and online banking.

•  Perfect for those that use their credit card for most purchases.
•  No fees for not using it; only use it when you need it.
•  Set limits to limit your risk for a lost or stolen card.

•  Protect your funds with customized alerts sent via text or email.
•  Quickly and easily turn your debit card on/off for further protection.
•  Check your balance, find nearby ATMs, send money to other users and more.

Download the Brella™ App, click register and get started today!

The Marketplace
660 Elm Street East
Annandale, MN 55302
Lake Central Bank
40 Chestnut Street West
Annandale, MN 55302
Lake Central Bank
700 State Hwy 24 North
Clearwater, MN 55320